Svea Gustavs

Nieuwe Leliestraat 12
1015 SP Amsterdam
+ 31 5287656


Resume of CV

The content of my creative work is about simultaneously existing parallel worlds with different cultural realities that sometimes meet in dialogues.

This theme is reflected in bookeditions, serial (foto)graphic work and performances. Always accompanied by academic research.

In 2003 I founded weiw publishers which is based in two European cities. Since then we have made and represented books to European platforms like European Cultural Capital Project in Patras, Greece; Felix Meritis, Amsterdam and the bookfairs in Leipzig and Frankfurt. 

The collaborative project with M.E. Auch 2006 has won the international bronze medal CMYK Award in Barcelona, Spain.

The collaborative project "Street" with photographer Leo Erken is part of the selection Best Dutch Book Design 2013.



since 2014 study MA degree German literature and translation, University of Amsterdam

2014 BA German language and literature, University of Amsterdam

2009-2014 study German language, linguistics and literature; study education, University of Amsterdam

1995 diploma in Visual Arts with honours, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam

1994 working period Calcutta und Varanasi/India

1992-1999 and 2004-2007 Body Weather Amsterdam, Platform for training and performance

1992-95 study Visual Arts, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam

1990-92 study Visual Arts, Academy Minerva, Groningen


Workexperience and projects:

since 2009 - teacher German language

2007 start intercultural project "The Wedding Dress" in collaboration with European photographers

2003 foundation of weiw publishing platform Stralsund/Amsterdam

2001 PR manager student project University of Applied Science Stralsund/D

2000 concept en design of exhibition ‘choosing patterns of occupation’, commissioned by Ministry of Education MV, Schwerin/D

1998 until 2003 lecturer graphic arts Ernst-Moritz Arndt University, Greifswald/D

1998 award for graphic series ‘Beziehungsweisen’, Neues Kunsthaus Ahrenshoop/D



- Street - Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union 1987-2003,Leo Erken, weiw 2013

- Dutch Association of Designers, publication about international profile of craft related design, BNO 2009

- The Beholder's Eye/Carla van de Puttelaar, Amsterdam 2008

- Original, statements in life and art of visual artist Jorinde Gustavs, weiw 2007

- catalogue for several textile artists (Rita Kok, Hilde Foks,Golden Clogs Dutch Mountains), weiw 2007

— Patras Amsterdam: Two Harbours (Alexandra Zoi), European Capital of Culture Patras 2006, weiw 2006

— Behind the wallpaper (Monika E. Auch), reproduced Artist’s  book by Monika E. Auch, weiw 2005

— Wilma Vissers, Visual Artist, catalogue, weiw 2006

— Heilige Frauen in den Kirchen Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Astrid Utpatel-Hartwig; Ilse Schrama), weiw 2004

— Text auf Textil (Jorinde Gustavs), catalogue, weiw 2004

— Ene mene mopel (Svea Gustavs), choosing rhymes in 3 languages, weiw, 2003

— white colours (Anne Deschka, Katja Klaus), artists in Iceland, mueckenschwein 2002

— le train d’ onze heures (Corinne Douarre), mueckenschwein 2000

— Schau Hildegards Schau (Svea Gustavs), original artist book, 1999

— Salammbos Schatten im Staub (Svea Gustavs), original artist book, 1998

— Auf schmalen Pfaden ins Hinterland (original graphic, 16 artists), Edition Kunsthaus Ahrenshoop 1997

— Cahiers (box with 13 original books by 13 graphic artists), Philipp Elchers/Groningen 1997

— Die Haut (Svea Gustavs), original artist’s book + VHS video of the performance, 1995